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Roots and Wings

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If you have found this website, you are in some way curious - you’re my kind of person!

The YouTube video to your right is a great introduction to the practice but please note that you don’t need to be a lithe twenty-something New Yorker to dance the 5 Rhythms! I have included pages on the practice where I talk a little about 5 Rhythms in my own words. There is also a wealth of information on the 5 Rhythms Global website.

All shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome; if you can breathe, you can dance 5 Rhythms. This practice is dancing for the terrified and dancing for the divas and dancing for anyone in between. If you haven’t tried it yet, get on down! Beginners and veterans are equally welcome.

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the wild way to still your mind


5 Rhythms - Gabrielle Roth

Roots and Wings 5 Rhythms with Christopher Boylan. North Yorkshire, Hull, York, Scarborough

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Dancing figure from original by Sam Barnes