Ploughed field Kirkdale, N. Yorks.

Flowing is the first rhythm of the wave. We find our roots, follow our weight and offer ourselves to our feet. This is the rhythm of the body. The movement is fluid and grounded.  Finding circles  with every body part, feeding the movement with the in-breath. We receive ourselves and luxuriate in our physicality.

Try it! Soften your knees, feel your weight through your feet, breathe in and let your body flow. Let go of ideas of how it “might be” or how it “should be”.  Follow your feet. Relax and enjoy. You already know how to do this.

Flowing is the rhythm where we find out where we are. Tired? Let the tiredness move. Feel it. Move with it. Full of beans? Throw that energy into your flow. Feel it. Move with it.

Flowing is my first resort! When things feel too big for me to handle, I dance flow. We can’t make the stuff that hits the fan any smaller but we can  get ourselves more grounded and  more ready to receive it.

When everything is hunky-dory, flowing is simple luxury. How lovely to get physical!


Now plying:“Infinite Sky” by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors from the album “Bardo”

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