As we flow and settle into our physicality, we keep our connection to the earth and drop into the beat. Our hips find the rhythm and the rest of the body follows. Our movements become more definite, clearer, more expressive. We give our attention to our out-breath. We set our attention in motion.

We have arrived in the rhythm of Staccato. Beaty, funky, sassy. We find lines, angles and shapes. In Staccato, our bodies speak out - “this is me, here, in this moment!” The movement can be fierce as a forest fire or as fine and clear as the ring of a crystal bell.

In Flowing, we can find out what is going on for us. In Staccato, we give it expression. This is the “getting things done” rhythm. This is the rhythm of the heart. Find the beat and let your passion move!

Staccato is the antidote for all those times we bite our tongues. Tough day at work? Find the beat and have a fiery “stuff you” dance. Happy in yourself? Have a funky, beaty, boogie. Whatever is going on for you, give it expression, let your body do the talking.

Staccato is the rhythm that gets things done. When something calls on me to act decisively, this rhythm is my saviour. Whether it’s finishing the website, meeting a deadline in the machine shop, planning a programme of classes or defending something or someone I love; Staccato is my homeboy!


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