Sunrise, South Cliff, Scarborough photo Liz Collier
South Cliff, Scarborough, photos, Liz Collier

Lyrical is the gateway to Stillness. The patterns and repetitions fall away into nothing. The whole body is alive. The breath carries us. Perhaps into slow fluid motion. Perhaps from shape to shape. We might find bursts of movement rising from the inside and falling again into stillness.


In Lyrical, we offered ourselves as co-creators of the dance. In Stillness we are the dance. We cease to be separate. We become one with with the mystery of being. Every in-breath is a new beginning. Every out-breath is a prayer.


Stillness is the silence of a frosty morning. Stillness is the space inside. Stillness is the space outside. When you’ve danced back to your roots, thrown your passion into motion, sweated away the baggage of daily life and danced yourself to your true size, this is what you can find.



Stillness by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors from the album Tribe