5Rhythms® with Christopher Boylan


Roots and Wings
Click on the name of a workshop below to open a downloadable PDF of the leaflet. To book for any of the Yorkshire and Teesside workshops, send a cheque for the deposit or full payment (cheques payable to C. Boylan) to Roots and Wings, 50 High Street Scalby, YO13 0PS. My preferred method of payment is bank transfer, e-mail admin@northernrootsandwings.com or call 07988820039 for bank details. Please include your name, and the names of anyone you are booking for, an e-mail address and the name and date of the workshop.

York Guerilla Rhythms Sat. Oct. 1st 11.00-5.30 Priory Street Centre
Manchester Guerilla Rhythms Sun. Oct. 16th 12.45-5.15 St. Clement’s Chorlton
Manchester Freedom in Motion Sat. Jan. 14th 2.00-7.30 St. Clement’s Chorlton
Scarborough Stepping Stones Module 1 Mar. 18th 1.30pm - Mar.19th 5.00pm
Scarborough Stepping Stones Module 2 April 22nd 1.30pm - April 23rd 5.00pm
Scarborough Stepping Stones Module 3 June 3rd 1.30pm - June 4th 5.00pm
Scarborough Stepping Stones Module 4 August 9th 7.00pm - August 13th 4.00pm
Scarborough Stepping Stones Module 5 September 29th 7.00pm - October 1st 4.00pm
Scarborough Family 5 Family Camp Aug. 2nd - August 6th  Booking form
Lincoln Freedom in Motion Feb. 25th 11.00am - 4.00pm